A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm cloud to the earth’s surface. They are sometimes nicknamed twisters because of their shape and because of what they do. The winds in the tornadoes are generally 100mph or much less. In +F4’s they can exceed 250mph. They generally remain on a track of a handful of miles or much less and are less than one hundred yds. wide. For the improvement of tornadoes there are a few situations necessary. An abundant low-level of moisture and unstable atmosphere is expected not only for the tornado, but for a thunderstorm also. A “trigger”, which is a cold front or low level zone of converging winds, is required to lift the moisture and the air. When the air rises , it becomes saturated and continue to rise higher and higher. They then type in places exactly where winds at all levels of the atmosphere are robust and turn clockwise with height.Some tornadoes seem as a funnel shape and some have a churning smoky look . Some contain several vortices , which are smaller individual tornadoes rotating about a widespread center. Some can be invisible , with only swirling dust or debris at ground level as the only indication of the tornado’s presence. Tornadoes can happen at any time of the year, and anywhere in the planet. The distinctive geography of the US is what helps us produce some of the most violent tornadoes mainly because of the favorable condition’s for their improvement . The months with the greatest amount of tornadoes are April, Could and June . Tornado seasons vary in different components of the US. In the Southeast the peak season is February by means of April. In the northern plains it is June by means of August. Tornado frequency is higher in the South throughout late winter and in the Plains, mid-west, and Ohio Valley it is high throughout early spring by means of summer season. They can take place at any time of day but are far more most likely to occur two-7pm. The most tornadoes take place at about 5pm. In Tornado Alley, incredibly few tornadoes happen in the morning . In the southeast , most of the tornadoes take place throughout the night and early morning hours. Most tornadoes kind in conjunction with thunderstorms. Forecasters for that reason have to identify which regions are most at threat with severe thunderstorms. It is quite hard to inform the difference involving a severe thunderstorm with…

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