A doll’s property

In this scene, how does the dramatist correctly expose characters, relationships and difficulties so as to make the audience keen to see the rest of the play?

Act one particular scene a single from ‘a doll’s house’ by Henrik Ibsen is helpful in several techniques for enrapturing its audience. Henrik Ibsen effectively manages to introduce a lot of themes and problems alone into the first scene. The scene focuses solely on the two characters Nora and Torvald. Our 1st impressions are that they are a happily married couple but there are a lot of clues, which hint at the marriage Nora and Torvald have. It seems Torvald controls Nora. Ibsen seems to suggest Nora is a vivacious and cheerful character who is really spirited. Her humming and her smiling all add to the gaiety of her character. In contrast her characterisation to Torvald is pretty diverse. Ibsen portrays Torvald as an admirable man who is rigidly honest, a challenging worker, and a man of high ethical ideals. He is severe and logical while Nora is not she is made to be really feminine while Torvald is conveyed as the representative figure of masculine society.

Their behaviour toward each and every other is affectionate, there does not seem to be any tension amongst them, Nora appears to be a submissive and dependent character. She exemplifies the roles expected of girls and mothers for the duration of the time at which the play was set. But who is in handle of the partnership is not clear. On the surface it does to some extent show that Torvald is in reality the dominant 1 in the scene. Torvald lectures Nora on the use of cash, though she is left to ‘sulk’. Torvald addresses Nora as one would address her a child.


She is Torvald’s ‘skylark’, his ‘squirrel’ and does not object to the terms he uses more than her. In fact she plays up to him, she plays the part of a child and does not act the role of a mature married mother. Her role is soon really clear even though he lectures her gently and treats her as a kid she makes use of the child like facade in manipulating him into giving in to her. Even though Torvald is in charge, taking the major male function, adopting a conventionally controlling tone when speaking about the rules of income, it is Nora via her cajoling, teasing and asking who gets Torvald without the need of him realizing giving her additional income. It is…

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