An Unexpected Gift

Marisol walked into the big highschool developing. There were individuals socializing in little groups all the way down the long primary hall. She glanced at her schedule and headed tward her initial class. On her way she passed people today she would have waved to in middle college, persons that would’ve smiled had been they not so obsorbed in themselves now, they didn’t notice her.

In her initially class of the day, which was English, she sat in the corner behind a group of cackling girls. They girls passed notes to her, but only for her to pass on. They girl who appeared to be their leader, spoke with a lisp, and when she’d swing her head around practically hitting Marisol with her hair, she’d apologize and claim she’d forgotten any individual was behind her. Marisol wasn’t suprized Marisol believed the girl hat possibly forgotten her personal name at occasions.

The rest of the day was just as eventful men and women shoving past her in the hall, groups of guys and girls passing notes and she was invisable.

At the end of the day, Marisol hung up a image of her mother in her locker. She cried soft tears quietly, as she painfully remembered the evening her mother took her final breath, which had only been weeks ago. Thoughts of her mother’s smile, laugh, voice, and kind words made her heart ache.

“Marisol! I’ve been seeking all more than for you!” Tamera, Marisol’s ideal friend, interupted her mournful thoughts. Tamera was a quick medium sized red-headed girl, with a major smile on constantly.

“Oh, honey, are you okay?” Tamera embarrassed Marisol.

“Yes I’m fine.” Marisol replied solumnly.

“Okay, good. I identified this small piece of paper in our locker this mourning. It had your name on it, but I didn’t feel you’d mind if I study it.” Tamera handed the magled note, which clearly had been folded neatly at 1 time, to Marisol. “It says like, all this stuff about angels watching you, and that, like, you should really smile, and all types of stuff. I assume you’ve got an admirer!” Tamera smirked and waited as Marisol unfolded the note, who’s prior sharp folds had been forced into an odd uneven square. The handwritting looked lovely, and it was printed in green ink. Each word seemed specially selected and produced her heart fill with joy. As her eyes passed more than every word she felt lighter and happier than she had all week….

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