Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Petrarch once enlightened, “Rarely do good beauty and great virtue dwell collectively.” Sadly, sight is the most important sense of mankind which is why several folks in the world are judgmental and can’t see pass the outside shell of people today. With no man’s idealistic limitations of colors and shapes of a person’s outdoors look, the world would be a lot more virtuous rather than the cesspool it is becoming as time progresses. It would not idolize sexual attraction, cuteness, and conceit like it does now. If there were no set ideal qualities about the outside appearance a particular person has to have, then there almost certainly would not be as significantly separation and isolation due to ugliness, disability, or an awkward physical characteristic. There are folks even so that adore the direction the planet is going, these men and women make decisions every day about how they are going to judge and treat men and women. They choose no matter if or not they approve or reject the way the person acts and exudes their way of life. A perfect instance of this can be noticed in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, when the reader initially meets the creature and sees how he is the ugliest character of the novel on the outside but ironically, the creature was a lot a lot more likeable and decent than his creator, till his view of man had vanished by the hatred and injustice served to him. So several various themes can be addressed by this prompt but the ones that stick out are Nature vs. Nurture involving the creator and the made and how appearances are not all the things.

Through the creature’s lonely journey, he is never offered the possibility to engage in any conversation except with Victor. During the creature’s creation, the reaction of Victor, his “dad”, is so dreadful. This reaction basically tends to make the reader forget that it is the birth of a human being which is observed to be one of the most valuable occurrences in the life. This is why the theme Nature vs. Nurture sticks out to the reader for the reason that 1 would consider that Victor must have a paternal bond to the creature. This bond is further anticipated not only mainly because of the time and effort place into the creature but also the truth that it is an extension of his mind. “The unique accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature. I had worked hard for practically two years, for the…

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