Asimov: Will computers handle humans in the future?

Individuals often have a tendency to seek the simple way out seeking for one thing that would make their lives less complicated. Machines and tools have provided us the ability to do much more in significantly less time giving us, at the identical time, extra comfort. As the technology advances, computer systems become more quickly and extra effective. These new machines are enabling us to do much more in much less time making our lives simpler. The increased use of computer systems in the future, however, could possibly have unfavorable outcomes and influence on our lives. In the novel Nine Tomorrows Isaac Asimov frequently criticizes our reliance on computers by portraying a futuristic planet where computers manage humans.

1 of the pictures which Asimov describes in the book is that humans could turn out to be as well dependent on computers. In a single of the stories, Profession, Asimov writes about individuals being educated by computer system applications created to educate effortlessly a individual. According to the Profession story individuals would no longer read books to find out and enhance their information. Individuals would rely on the computer systems rather than “try to memorize enough to match somebody else who knows” (Nine Tomorrows, Profession 55). Men and women would not chose to study, they would only want to be educated by pc tapes. Putting in expertise would take less time than reading books and memorizing some thing that would take nearly no time making use of a pc in the futuristic world that Asimov describes. Humans may started to rely on computer systems and let them to handle themselves by letting computers educate persons. Computers would commence teaching humans what computer systems inform them without the need of having any option of creativity. Laptop or computer ould begin to manage humans’ lives and make humans come to be also dependent on the computer systems.

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