Australian and American female nurses in the armed forces

To what extent have been Australian and American female nurses treated as specialists in the armed forces?

“We have made partners of the women in this war shall we admit them only to a partnership of suffering and sacrifice and not to a partnership of privilege and proper?” U.S President Wilson, September 1918

My analysis for this essay showed that though there were similarities between American and Australian attitudes towards female nurses serving in their armed forces, some components of the American War Department have been a lot more reluctant in enabling female nurses to serve as part of the armed forces in Globe War One.

The diverse kinds of sources consulted have been valuable for distinct purposes. For instance, the Australian Defence Department website (See Web Reference 3) even though very detailed, suffers the anticipated bias due to it being written and published by the nursing corps of the present Australian Army. I also discovered that it was crucial to distinguish among distinct parts of the armed forces because in some instances, like the case of the US War Department and the US Army, they had conflicting views on female nurses serving in Planet War One particular.

This essay shows that there was a temporary marked adjust in every nation towards the attitude of female nurses participating in the armed forces as the war progressed. On the other hand, after the conclusion of Globe War One particular, whilst they had earned respect for the nursing profession, their contribution was nonetheless not sufficient to admit them into the armed forces on a permanent basis.

The establishment of the Australian Army Nursing Service in New South Wales in 1898 (Adam-Smith, 1984, 16), and in America the creation of the Army Nursing Corps in 1901 (Bullough & Sentz, 2000, 77) opened the door for girls to take aspect in some locations of the military, but only slightly. The outbreak of Planet War 1 was the main aspect in the change of attitude towards nurses participating in the armed forces. Nurses had been to grow to be the most substantial section of American and Australian girls that directly took part in the war away from property.

World War A single was the most substantial chance for nurses and other groups of ladies to have direct involvement in public, national affairs and not just indirect private household matters as it applied to be. Planet War One was the very first time on a massive scale that gave ladies the opportunity to opt for either direct or…

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