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Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard, “a lot more than any other, can be called North Carolina’s personal pirate, although he was not a native of the colony… As is the case with all pirates, his origin is obscure. His name originally, it appears was Edward Drummond, and he began his profession as an sincere seaman, sailing out of his home port of Bristol, England. He is seldom recognized by that name, for just after he became a pirate he started calling himself Edward Teach, in some cases spelled in the records as Thatch, Tache, or even Tatch. Yet it was as Blackbeard that he was, and still is , known, and it was under this name that the persons of his generation knew him, ‘a swaggering, merciless brute.'” — Hugh F. Rankin.
Blackbeard went by the name Edward Teach. Most historians agree that he was born about the year 1680 in Bristol, England. He was able to read and write which suggests his family members had moneyAs with most pirates, little is known of his early life.
Sometime in the early eighteenth century, Teach left Bristol for Jamaica to sail on the ships of privateers. When England revoked the privateer’s license, Teach joined forces with Captain Benjamin Hornigold. Hornigold took Teach below his wing and taught him anything he knew about taking ships. This alliance lasted for a tiny over two years. It was in the course of this time that Teach very first came to Carolina.
By March of 1718, Blackbeard had decided to leave the Caribbean and sail up the east coast of America. On his way he encountered numerous ships who joined forces with him. By the time they reached Charleston in late May possibly, Blackbeard had almost seven hundred men beneath his command.
Blackbeard and his fleet blockaded Charleston harbor for practically a week and stopped all ships coming and going. Blackbeards’ only demand from the Governor was for a chest of medicine. Quite a few prominent citizens had been taken hostage but had been released when the demands were met. Blackbeard’s fleet left Charleston devoid of firing a single shot.
Shortly just after the blockade of Charleston, Blackbeard sunk his flagship “Queen Anne’s Revenge” in Beaufort Inlet. The booty he had stolen in Charleston was put on a tiny sloop which he named the Adventure.
By mid-June Blackbeard and his crew have been in Bath, North Carolina and had accepted the Kings pardon for piracy. During the subsequent few weeks Blackbeard purchased a property in Bath and…

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