Basement Complete of Memories

The Basement Full of Memories

I have lived in the same house for eighteen years. Ever because I was brought property from the hospital, I was usually in this particular spot in my property. This location, I nevertheless invest a couple of hours there, just talk with people or just becoming myself. I do not commit as significantly time there like when I was a tiny girl, but enough time to go back to the memories I had there. When I was a tiny girl, my sister Carla and I would place with each other some costumes and put on a little show for my parents. Carla and I constantly believed we were in a film for the reason that the space was major and had a lot of props to go with the small show. Also in this particular location is where my cousin Christina and I would have our little makeovers. She would do my hair and I would do hers, I would place make-up on her and she would place make-up on me. We had all the hair products you can visualize and mirrors all around us so we can see in front of us, behind us, and on the side of us. We were the Italian Princesses. Everyone knows how Italian are, massive families, lots of food and lots of yelling even although we are not. This is the spot where we have our loved ones parties/get collectively and this is exactly where we have terrible memories and fantastic memories. This place is named, “THE BASEMENT Full OF GOODIES!”
My basement is not like many others you have noticed. My mother owns a beauty shop in our basement and this is exactly where I spent most of my life. This is the center of our property. Anytime you need to have somewhere to go and loosen up, you go to the basement, anytime you want to argue with a person, you go to the basement. As a child, I would sit in my swing and watch my mother reduce hair. The explanation why we call it the, “Basement Full of Goodies,” is since is consist of a lot of different issues. A washroom where my mother has a major sink bowl where she washes hair, two chairs exactly where she cuts hair, three big hair driers, and a section where the prospects wait. …

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