There is an abundant quantity of animal species in the planet. They all have adapted and evolved to survive in their surroundings. Some have grown fins, other individuals legs, and some have wings. Each adaptation helps them to survive in the distinct environment in which they live. Some animals that are members of the exact same species have adapted and evolved. A single adaptation is wings, and they are generally thought to be a feature of birds. One of the only animals that has wings and is not a bird is the bat. The bat is a actually wonderful creature. It has all the qualities of mammals when also possessing the talent of a bird in flight. Though other mammals, like the flying squirrel appear to fly but actually glide, the bat is the only mammal that can genuinely fly (Wimsatt, 1977). There are roughly 900 species of bats recognized in the planet and 40 of them reside in the United States and Canada (, 2004). The various species of bats consist of numerous various sizes, shapes, and lifestyles, which is usually determined by their atmosphere. They live all over the world and have drawn the curiosity of millions. Bats also have the exclusive function of echolocation, which is a hunting system it utilizes in order to catch insects and other prey. It also assists them with a sense of direction. Even though bats are labeled as pests and are looked at as unsafe animals, they are useful in a lot of approaches.

The most apparent function of a bat is the adaptations which enable it to fly. The fore limbs of the bat are built similarly to the general pattern of other mammals. It has an upper arm, forearm, wrist, and hand with thumb and four fingers. The distinction is the bones of the hand and fingers are elongated which spreads and manipulates the wing. They also include fur on the body, big ears, claws, and a tail. As we can see here they are mammals but there have been adaptations that have evolved in order for the bat to survive in its environment (Barbour, 1970).

Bats eyesight is not quite fantastic. They are known and regarded by some to have a “sixth sense” known as echolocation, which they use and depend on for…

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