Fine white sand clung on to my damp feet as I ambled along the beach. It was a lovely afternoon and the sun was shining brightly above the horizon, with the sea soaking up some of its radiant rays, reflecting the other people, and shimmering vibrantly below the sky. I could see dark outlines of birds flying way over the mountains, flapping their wings and soaring greater and further away till they have been so small that they could hardly be seen. I walked towards the edge of the water and little waves collapsed gently against my feet, reaching up to my ankles. A pleasant feeling of relaxation poured over me, then the wave gently pulled back, drawing the sand from below my feet and producing it appear like the ground beneath my feet was moving. I turned about and scanned the rest of the beach. The sand was glistening brightly below the suns rays, and a tender and slightly humid zephyr had picked up and rustled gently through my hair, sending a brief shiver down my spine. I turned back and walked up the beach, additional sand particles sticking to my soggy, wet feet and producing a depression in the sand as I took each step. I sat myself down beside a little pile of deposited coral and stared as far out as my eyes could see.

As the afternoon moved on, nearing evening, before the sun was about to set, the firmament was a blend of colours. There was a melange of pinks, oranges and reds scattered across the sky. The sea itself was tranquil and serene, mirroring the shades of the sky and forming lively reflections in its waters and the sand nonetheless slightly glimmered in the gentle light of the sun.

As evening took its place, the waves were getting larger by the hour as the wind picked up speed. The sun started to set a lot more rapidly now and soon adequate, it disappeared behind the mountains, leaving only faint rays to be seen just above the horizon. Then, they also vanished. The sky was expanding darker was filled with the sound of thousands of birds chirping, producing their way residence. Soon sufficient, darkness poured itself over the entire beach and the sounds of the birds vanished as promptly as they had come, and nothing at all but the sound of thick silence, so palpable that I could just about taste it was…

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