Bean Bags and the 1960s

The 1960s was the start of a new era in design and style, an exciting and altering bring about of ideas and experimentation, with new appears, colours and materials getting continually introduced due to altering technologies. A new generation of designers have been rejecting the tips and values of 1950s organic modernism by experimenting with new components such as plastics, to create new furniture in vivid colours and fluid shapes. Any properties that have been design and style conscious would contain Scandinavian chairs and stainless steel cutlery, Italian lighting and glass. The Danish designer Verner Panton and the Italians Joe Colombo and Anna Castelli-Ferreri seized the alter of occasions to experiment with plastic and “fluid” components to capture the futuristic style of the 1960s design, which introduced the Pop aesthetic to furniture and interiors. Furniture began to “break the rules” as they raced to develop plastic stacking chairs just like the tubular steel pioneers of the 1920s. Panton officially became the very first person to develop the inflatable furnishings. From plastic chairs and blow-up furniture, Bean Bags have been introduced in 1969.

In the 1970s, interior and residence design became an increasingly wild ride. In basic, the mood darkened with quite a few worldly affairs due to the Vietnam War and political unrest. Many conservatives such as Paolo Deganello and Ettore Sottsass rejected the modern day movement, and designer of inflatable furniture Verner Panton lost his spot in the centre of the style scene. One notion that was not lost was the idea of utilizing polystyrene in furnishings. In particular, its use in producing the 1st bean bag by 3 Italian designers in late 1968. Paolini, Teodoro and Gatti had been the 3 responsible for developing the “Sacco” as it was initially identified.

Cesare Paolini was born in 1937, Genua and Franco Teodoro and Piero Gatti were born in Turin in 1939 and 1940 respectively. They started working with each other in the field of design in 1965 specializing in architecture, decoration, industrial and urban design and style, product development and graphic and corporate photos. In 1968, they introduced their most well-known creation, the “sacco”, which became to be more normally recognized as the “bean bag”. It became an immediate worldwide phenomenon, and a major icon of the 1970s. It is displayed in galleries and museums and was awarded worldwide. It was originally described as an “anatomical armchair” and was the first mass produced bean bag furniture.

They have been constructed of vinyl and filled with polystyrene, which have been very…

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