Ben Franklin

There was a man named Josiah Franklin. He owned a candle and soap shop in Boston, Massachusetts. The sign for the shop was shaped like a blue ball. Josiah had children, but there had been frequently not living at property. Josiah invited guests to his household to speak and teach his children, but the guests were not conscious that they were invited to teach the Franklin children. Each Josiah and his wife felt strongly about educating their kids they took their childrens’ education quite seriously. Benjamin, 1 of their children, always listened to the guests he was a incredibly bright child. Benjamin taught himself to read when he was only five years old. His parents wished that they could send Ben to college, but they have been quite poor.

After 3 incredibly significant men visited Josiah and told him of a new law which said that kids must attend college. Josiah sent Ben to the Boston Latin College due to the fact the only expenses have been books and fire wood. At the Latin College all the kids were expected to study fables by heart. The fables had lessons which the school master thought was an essential part of learning. Ben’s greatest friend’s name was Nathan. Ben helped Nathan understand the fable “The Wolf and the Kid”, whilst Ben learned “The Dog and his Shadow”. At the time of the recital of the fables the school master mentioned, “and Ben will recite “The Wolf and the Kid”, which was Nathan’s fable. Ben thought, “If I say that it is Nathan’s fable, then the school master will get into problems. If I recite the fable, then Nathan will get into problems.” Ben did nothing at all he merely stood there searching up into the sky. Everyone mentioned that Ben was lazy and that he could not even study one fable. Josiah Franklin stood up and explained his son’s behavior and the college master was extremely embarrassed.

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