Christian Teens

Teens reflect a culture all of their own within American society. The language that they speak, music that they listen to, and several elements of their lives differ from that of previous generations (Linehan 3). As a result, several men and women of older generations have a tendency to make judgments and assumptions about teenagers. These assumptions are usually based on the manner in which teenagers speak, dress, and present themselves. Since of these generalizations, faith of many teens is normally overlooked. In a society where violence appears to be accepted and numerous teens are lost about who they are, faith can be the one particular bond interlinking a group of quite a few. Regardless of occurrences such as the shootings April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School, and other unfavorable elements surrounding teenagers’ lives, there are nonetheless several young individuals involved and/or in search of a life with faith in Christ.

Though there are many situations of violence and hate in society right now, one particular that shocked the nation a lot more than most was the massacre at Columbine Higher College. Some persons say that the boys’ families triggered them to kill, some say it was other students, however there was also yet another ingredient… a lack of faith in their lives (Grace and Mitchell 58). In a globe exactly where several teenagers are surrounded by points such as materialism and discrimination many have the strength to preserve a spiritual life. Nevertheless Klebold and Harris, the shooters at Columbine Higher College, had a loss of a sense of sin. They killed innocent individuals, 1 of whom was Cassie Bernall, a devout Christian.

When a Columbine gunman asked Cassie Bernall if she believed in God, she allegedly replied, “Yes, and you should really as well.” Moments just after hearing this reply, one of the gunmen place the gun to he head and took her life. Such a robust testament of her faith in Christ price young Bernall her life (58). Since of this strong commitment, quite a few take into account Bernall a martyr of sorts, and say that she is a testament to their own faith (Grace and Mitchell 58). A lot of teens and younger youth have been tremendously influenced by Bernall’s choice to stand up for her beliefs, this is a huge encouragement to teens everywhere, specifically mainly because we live in a society where teens’ identifies are drastically challenged (59). Susan Teran is a single student to whom Bernall’s act spoke out to. “If there have been a shooter in my college,” says Teran, “I’d…

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