Codes of Law

Of the three Codes of law we have studied, we believe the Old Testament is the fairest. The Code of Hammurbi was considerably as well violent. Hammurabi’s remedy to just about something was to kill individuals. As well a lot of innocent individuals died in Hammurabi’s code. Fore instance, ” if an architect’s function falls in and kills the son of the owner of the property, then the architect’s son dies.” The architects son did practically nothing incorrect but was put to death. A further are exactly where Hammurabi’s code is lacking is in the therapy of social classes. Diverse punishments are give out according to social class of the individual the crime was committed upon. The prime weakness in Roman law was the discrimination against girls. Females were under no circumstances acknowledged as adults. There are also cruel and uncommon punishments for committing silly crimes. For instance, ” If a person has sung of composed against one more particular person a song, such as was causing slander or insult to one more, he shall be clubbed to death.”

Even though The Old Testament was the very best, it nonetheless has some flaws. Having said that, the flaws of The Old Testament are not as poor and there are much less than in Hammurabi’s Code and Roman Law. A single of these flaws is that a man divorces a lady. The woman receives no compensation. Also, girls can’t file for divorce if they are not happy in their marriage. Yet another issue is that slavery is allowed.

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