Exactly where and when did Copernicus live?
Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Torun, (Pronounced Thorn), in Poland on February 19, 1473 as Niklas Koppernigk — a name that he would later Latinize into Nicolaus Copernicus.. He was educated in Poland and Italy, and spent most of his functioning life in Frombork (Frauenburg), Warmia, where he died on 1543 Might the 24th.
Copernicus’ story.
Copernicus’ father was a wealthy businessman, copper trader, and respected citizen of Torun. He died when Copernicus was ten. Right after his father died, Copernicus attended the University of Cracow, studying medicine at the time and becoming fascinated by astronomy, and then in 1496 he started ten years of studying law at the University of Bologna in Italy. Even though Copernicus developed an interest in astronomy and was a single of the most influential astronomers of all time, he in no way majored in astronomy and was never a specialist astronomer.
Copernicus’ mother, Barbara Watzenrode was born into a rich merchant’s family. She predeceased her husband. Copernicus’ maternal uncle, Lucas Watzenrode, a church canon (priest) and later Prince-Bishop (territorial prince of a church) governor of the Archbishopric of Warmia, raised him and his 3 siblings following the death of his father. His uncle’s position helped Copernicus in the pursuit of a profession inside the Church, enabling him to devote a great deal time to his astronomy research. Copernicus had a brother and two sisters.

Copernicus’ work.
Copernicus is known for the 1st modern day formulation of a heliocentric (sun-centered) theory of the solar system. Copernicus very first formulated the contemporary theory of the solar system in 1530, concluding that the earth revolved around the sun. Even so, his findings have been in conflict with the church’s teachings that the earth was the center of the universe. So the church made him suffer a great deal simply because of this. Copernicus did not publish his excellent work on the revolutions of heavenly bodies until 1543 -the year of his death, it is said that he received his initial copy on his deathbed. The name of his book that he published was referred to as De revolutionibus orbium coelestium.
The seven components of Copernicus’ theory are:
1.There is no one center in the universe
2.The Earth’s center is not the center of the universe
3.The center of the universe is near the sun
four.The distance from the Earth to the sun is microscopic compared with the distance to the stars
five.The rotation of the Earth accounts for the apparent each day…

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