David Livingstone

David Livingstone is a Scottish missionary and doctor. He spent most of his life exploring Africa. He helped Europeans discover a lot about the continent of Africa. Livingstone was born in Scotland. His parents were genuinely religious so David followed his dad’s footsteps. David is a really difficult working individual, the cause why he would want to go to Africa was due to the fact he knew that there weren’t a lot of Christians there he also knew that not lots of people today there knew about Christ. At age ten he started functioning in the regional cotton mill, he had to operate extended hours and he got also tiny pay for what he was carrying out. When he didn’t operate, he would just stay at home to study, and in 1836 he entered Anderson’s College in Glasgow. He was primarily interested in theology and medicine. In 1838 the London Missionary Society accepted him as a candidate, and two years later he received a healthcare degree from the University of Glasgow. The Initially War between Britain and China ruined his hopes of becoming a healthcare missionary to China, but the missionary society arranged a new placement for him in southern Africa. He was supposed to be preaching in the southern aspect of Africa nevertheless, due to the fact that he wasn’t thriving, he went to the north. Whilst he was there, he worked with an person named, Robert Moffat. Later on he married his daughter, Mary Moffat.

For the subsequent 15 years, Livingstone was continuously moving into the African interior. He was strengthening his missionary determination he was also responding entirely to the delights of geographical discovery he was creating for himself a Christian, a courageous explorer, and a fervent antislavery advocate. As a missionary, David Livingstone rapidly believed that what he was supposed to do is to not stay in one spot, preaching the gospel to the handful of neighborhood people today prepared to listen. As an alternative, he need to preserve on moving, reaching new groups and extending to them to be much more familiar with what God wanted them to do with Christianity. Ultimately he would expand this concept into a belief that his function was to open up Africa’s interior to broader influences from Western civilization. Once that occurred, he would work hand in hand to finish slave trading and uplift African peoples. Such motives drove Livingstone.

He worked definitely really hard as a missionary but he still had…

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