Dead Man Walking

Clad in a black velvet suit, I came out of the house, my eyes red and swollen and my heart in pain. I carried with me my fathera€™s portrait. The embalmer upon seeing me told me to place the image in the cara€™s front window pane. I did what he ordered me and proceeded to join the funeral march. The solemn music of a€?Incredible Gracea€? filled the air and the emptiness of my heart. I would have cried the immediate that song played but I couldna€™ta€¦ I would not dare to believea€¦ Ia€™m not going to inform to the rest of the planet that Ia€™ve lost my fathera€¦ A excellent particular person Ia€™ve lived with and lived for for 15 years.
Days after, I sat all by myself thinking on whata€™s happening with him. It was the finish, proper? But lots of men and women out of nowhere would pop out and tell me all sorts of factors like he took the kind of a butterfly and a lizard. I laughed at them, telling them that my father rests now in the bosom of the Father and that hea€™s not a element of this globe anymore. I wouldna€™t want to believe that he passed away but my heart tells me that ita€™s now a reality, that death can stab you at the back anytime. Though the discomfort still remains a really hard rock on my heart, the memory I had of him created me accept my fatea€¦ Those extended years I had of him took away the worry and fear, as opposed to other individuals who never ever saw the light of deatha€™s candle.
I got the greatest shock of my life when a single of my aunts connected to my family the story of my father having back at her mainly because of cigarette-smoking. Nearly all my fathera€™s siblings are cigarette smokers. When he got sick of cancer, he told my going to aunts and uncles not to smoke anymore mainly because it would ruin their lives and their familya€¦ 1 day, my father a€?invisibly lighted a cigara€? in the living space. My two aunts have been having their snacks adjacent to that area. A gushing wind just made its entrance unto their nostrils and they smelled the a€?soothing cigarette firea€?. No 1 and absolutely nothing could decipher where that smoke came froma€¦ Goose pimples covered their thin skins and horrific faces shattered their sunny smiles.
I began to query myselfa€¦Ia€™m unbelieving in ghosts so I dared…

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