Deaf & Dumb

This is a story of a guy who falls in appreciate with a girl who was deaf and dumb. (Weird).

P.S. Dear reader if you considering why Carla can speak in some cases in the story is that she is speaking in either sign language or writing it down on a piece of paper saying what she is saying. So for example Carla said “yes”, it suggests she either mentioned it in sign language or written it down. Also you might think how does Timothy talk to Carla. It is easy, he just talks, use sign language or write it down as Carla has the capacity to study your lips. (Want you can study lips, use sign language and have a steady spare stock of paper to create down for conversation, I would obtain it hardly not possible to do it. For people today who can do that, I appreciate the believed of how you can speak to folks like that)

My name is Timothy Smith. I live in Bunbury exactly where I study from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School(BCGS). I am really superior in sport in particular in Basketball. I am the captain of my team. My stern father is a incredibly rich man with several pals about the globe, who has a extremely high interest in what I do in my life. He is a judge who is well identified in the judicial method. When I was small my mother died of cancer. Even although I had in no way had an experience with my mother, my dad married lots of ladies of higher status that would take care of me. My father has married several folks and is not too long ago married to a supermodel. Most of my buddies in college always humour me with my dad’s marriage status. They would often inform me that I was fortunate to be associated to some of the people today that my dad was married. Even although, he has married quite a few folks just for me, I in no way ever like the men and women that he has married. They all marry since of my dad’s money. I wanted my dad to marry someone who was not interested in his revenue, but my dad only married women who are extremely well-known and who were also really lovely. I am in my final year of schooling. Right after that I would have to go and perform with my dad. I dislike what my father does as a profession. I choose…

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