Dimmesdale and chillingworth

Characterization is a literary element made use of by the author to present qualities of characters in a literary piece, the objective of characterization is to make characters credible and make them suitable for the part they play in the perform. Authors present different characters possessing dissimilar qualities, to emphasize various aspects of the perform. In the novel “The Scarlet Letter”, the author Nathaneil Hawthorn’s depiction of the two male characters, Arthur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth, emphasizes the moral problems of the seventeenth century puritan society. Hence, their diverse characters contribute vitally to the plot of the novel.

Arthur Dimmesdale, the Reverent and the protagonists’ lover, was not a quite powerful character. At his 1st look in the novel, Hawthorne describes his impressive and skilful preaching and calls to the reader’s interest his physical attributes such as his eyes and his hair. Hawthorne also marks the energy that Dimmesdale gets when he is preaching which contradicts his actual weak character. Considering the fact that Dimmisdale was a really respected individual, his hideous adultery crime of forbidden really like was totally unexcitable, and his fear to face his society reflected his weak character. Dimmesdale was put into terrific pressure when he was notified by the public to persuade Hester to confess who the father of her baby was, this brought on his continual wounding of heart, which also stresses on his weak character. Dimmesdale’s well being was lead to speedy deterioration, so he went to pay a visit to Roger Chillingworth, the actual husband of the character Hester, and 1 of the couple of medical doctors in town by that time, Chillingworth had currently recognized that Dimmesdale was the a single that committed adultery with his wife. Chillingworth made Dimmesdale endure by exaggerating his illness, and humiliating him with guilt of his sin “a bodily illness which we look upon as entire and complete inside itself, may, right after all, be but an ailment in the spiritual part”. the fragility and susceptibility of Dimmesdale states clearly his weakness, furthermore.

Dimmesdale’s appreciate and agony towards Hester was shown in his physical and mental degeneration, in addition, his love to Pearl, his daughter, was shown when he was attempting to kiss her, but he often got her refusal, and this was the climax of his weakness and deterioration of character. but, at the finish of the novel, Dimmesdale’s overall health was in it’s worst stages, for that reason he had absolutely nothing to drop, so he confronts his society and tells them about is adultery…

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