What are dreams?
Are they pictures of a far better life?
Are they photos of happiness?
Or are they thoughts of selfishness?
Why do we have dreams?
Is it to maximise our want?
Is it to give us a thing to function for?
Or is it to remind us we cannot have everything?
What if our dreams come accurate?
Will we be delighted forever?
Do we chase an additional dream?
Or do we then attempt to ruin others’ dreams?
I don’t know what a dream is,
I do not know why I have my dream,
I do not know what I’ll do if my dream comes accurate,
But I do know I have a dream,
And to some it may look foolish,
And to other individuals it may perhaps appear unattainable,
But it means much more then something to me,
So just contact me stupid, label me a fool, inform me that I have no clue,
For the reason that I’ll nonetheless do whatever I can to make my dream come true.

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