Drinking Age

The drinking age is fine, if something is need to get raised. It is hard to ignore the fact that this law is broken every day. It really is the 90’s all teens just want to match in. Youngsters are drinking at a considerably younger age. Now, even 10 year olds and 11 year olds are attempting to fit in with us older little ones. It is incredible and often funny what children will do just to match in with the “fantastic” crowd. Nicely to some of us, that is viewed as the druggies and drinkers. Our parents call them the “negative” crowd with superior explanation. I speak from practical experience. Now I agree with the parents out there who worry about their kids receiving into the very same sort of troubles as I was in at a single point in my life.

I am going to cut the bull shit and speak about the facts. Here’s what parties now look like for teens. The setting, a beach or a residence with no adults about to say what’s wrong. The people today are a bunch of teens of both sexes. The atmosphere is any sort of drugs and or alcohol. These consists of hard liquor like Vodka and Jack Daniel’s. Then there is beer with the lighter stuff like wine, wine coolers, and fuzzy navel.

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