Drinking and Driving

We just went ’round the corner mum, and then we saw our good friends
We believed we would stick to mum, just around the bend

Then there was this car mum, it was coming genuinely rapidly,
As we hit the car mum, I thought it would be my final.

Now Steve and Mike are Dead mum, their blood is everywhere
And Carl is now screaming mum, oh god this is not fair

I wish I didn’t drink mum, it has ruined my entire life,
I can feel sharp pains now mum, pains just like a knife.

I can here the medic speaking mum, oh mum I can not cope
He mentioned only I survived mum, for the rest there is no hope.

I’ve killed the other driver mum, why did I survive?
I should not still be right here mum, I shouldn’t be alive.

Why did I do it mum?, I have just destroyed 4 lives
Why did I do it mum, Why did I drink and drive?

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