For never was a story of a lot more woe than that of Juliet and her Romeo

?°For in no way was a story of extra woe than that of Juliet and her Romeo?± Would you agree?

As well several folks die needlessly and there is too a great deal hate. Only when loved ones die can those who hate see how stupid their hate was. In ?°Romeo and Juliet?±, the hate of the Montague and the Capulet brought needless death upon individuals. Only when their youngsters died, they saw how stupid their hate was.

There is so a lot hating in between the two feuding families, the Montague and the Capulet. The feud between the two families brought needlessly hate and death upon lots of persons. They did not know every other and they did not know why they hate each other. The feud in between the families brought chaos to the city of Verona and civilians. At the begin of the play, the servants from the two families met on the street and started a brawl. When Tybalt, who was usually itching for a fight, joined in, the peaceful streets of Verona quickly turned into a battlefield of the two families. The anger of the Prince had been ignited by the two feuding families, and he threatens if the two households fight once again, their lives will pay for the fight. It appears their complications will never ever be solved the streets of Verona will continually be disturbed. It is surely sad when folks are complete of hate and can not resolve their troubles peacefully.

So a lot of persons died needlessly in this story. The death of Mercutio was one particular instance. Mercutio is not associated to the Montague not the Capulet, he was the Prince??s kinsman, pal of Romeo. Death was brought upon him for the reason that of the feud of the two families. Tybalt who constantly hated peace and the Montague met Mercutio and Romeo on the street and attempted to start a fight with Romeo. But Mercutio joined the fight and died through the fight. ?°A plague on each your houses?± he stated just before he died. If the two families hadn??t been fighting, Mercutio would still be happily alive. Tybalt was also a casualty of the feud amongst the two families. Although he was from a single of the households and he normally itched for a fight, but if there wasn??t a braw involving the two households Tybalt wouldn??t die either. It is indeed tragic that these young individuals die due to the fact of a senseless and meaningless feud.

Of course, the death of…

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