Forbidden Thoughts

Why? That is all I have to ask, why. Why is it that there are people in this globe who take advantage of their excellent fortune and maintain it to themselves although other folks like me endure in the cold dark planet fighting off evil in their minds? Numerous people can not take this sort of stress, specifically us teenagers. We have to deal with so many issues that sometimes you lose track and all the things goes haywire, and eventually, so do we. Most teenagers have this type of encounter, those who do not are fortunate. No body desires to encounter the evil that resides in the corners of their head, for the reason that they could possibly obtain themselves following its cynical suggestions like a mesmerized sailor to the melody of a Siren’s song. It normally ends up in a dirty circumstance, mine was in particular dirty.

It all started on a Tuesday morning. All the things was going incorrect. I’d failed my mid-terms, got caught smoking in the bathroom, and got suspended. To make factors worse, my mom was on the way to choose me up. As I was sitting there in the office, every person who passed me either threw me a appear of hatred or just plain ignored me. I could care significantly less, my mind was elsewhere. I was attempting to think of what to tell my mom, I didn’t know if she could take one more upset. Did you ever really feel like you feel you were attempting but everyone else say otherwise and you start out to think them? Yeah, properly that is how I really feel now. Except I know I’m not attempting but I inform myself that I am. Sorry if it is a bit confusing, but that is how my life is. Anyway, back to what I was saying. My mom came in and signed me out on that little friggin’ type and we walked out with her in front. We got in the auto and started on our way house, not saying anything to each and every other the whole time. The silence was driving me crazy, but I didn’t dare break it. Ultimately she did, but her voice was cracked and a unique message to it. Apparently she was fired from her job, again. I knew the reason also she was always late simply because she had to take care of my brothers and sisters. It was my job and I could care much less about them, they could burn in Hell for…

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