frustration unleashed

Again and again,
My heart endures discomfort
Its shattered, destroyed,
Dispersing like rain.
Now all that remains,
Are the scars, I hope,
Will remind me normally,
Of your lifestyle I can’t cope.

All I want is you,
To lend me your ears,
As I provide,
My harangue.
I do know that this,
Will not move you to tears.
But this, I will have to,
Make a clean breast of.
Even with the outcome I fear,
I have practically nothing to drop,
For my future is clear,
And it doesn’t involve you.

This time I will not,
Draw back, nor restrain,
So heed my word,
As I deliver my final strain.

In moments of my triumph,
You are a wonder.
In moments of my drought,
You just sunder.
Our relationship is twisted,
So I usually ponder,
“We are mere mortals,
So why can not we,
Comprehend each and every other,
In spite of mutual blunder.”

I see the light,
We do not have to fight,
– We are no rebel.
I do not have to plight,
With your continuous trouble.
And its not like we could possibly,
Stroll down the aisle.
So why should I,
Place up with this trial?

Possibly I am,
Maybe you just,
Played with me.
I did like you,
But lifelong commitment?
Dreams, merely.
It is the incorrigibility.
Toleration is pure lunacy.

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