Gallipoli war


Mankind have been interested in science and approach for years. Folks have been capable to great developments in technology but, it has borne a large disaster for mankind history : wars. From The Industrial Revolution up to now, some of nations have wanted to use their technical power in order to have superiority among the nations and for the reason that of this reason World War 1 began. Dardanelles War turned on the most vital turning point of the war. This war has two main causes : helping for Russia and shooting Ottoman Empire out of war.
To begin, initial aim of England was helping to Russia, which is in a bad predicament. Russia was in an economic crisis and desires financial help. England have to pass via The Straits Bosphorus and Dardanelles. (Stanley, Principal Historian with the Australian War Memorial) Moreover Russia was fighting with political difficulties and it couldn’t appear simple to rescue from tis circumstance with no assist.Namely, they will need the aid of England urgently.
An in addition crucial lead to of war is sending out Ottoman Empire and thanks to this Germany would have left alone and the quantity of fronts reduced for England. Moreover, with a defeat of Ottoman, England could reach their national aims, to have The Straits and Anatolian. In order to comprehend this purposes, England started an attack to Ottoman Empire.
It was inevitable, birth of big effects of such a good war, Dardanelles. The essential effects of war was on Russia and Ottoman Empire.
The most significant effect was on Russia which is the cause of the war. As a result of the victory of the Ottoman against Allied Countries’ power, Russia left the war. Plus, existing government fell down and the revolution of communist named Bolshevikh Revolution accomplished to take government. In conclusion, a new term started for Russia.Ottoman Empire was the a further nation which felt the effects of the war deeply. Approximately 300000 young Turk individuals lost their life in this bloody war of

history.( Worcester,1985,pp.1-four) On the other hand, Ottoman government, which was living bad days, caught good atmosphere. With this victory, morals of the government and nation is refreshed. Thanks to this Ottoman Empire continues its presence.
In summary, Dardanelles war had exceptionally significant effects on Russia and Ottoman Empire. From a single side, while Russian government was falling dawn, on the other hand Ottoman Empire obtain a bit power. Together with this war world peace took a major…

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