Gatsby Essay

Life, amongst other things, is complete of grandeur and spectacle. It is only inevitable then, that human beings will be in pursuit of this, driven by the want to have the quintessential life style. But it is this want to reside in the ideal that hinders them from truly being content. For although happiness is achievable, perfection is not. So in turn, the pursuit of happiness through perfection is a plan destined for failure. The last two pages in The Great Gatsby are exemplary of this notion.

The unknown character at the end of the book who “had been away at the ends of the earth and didn’t know that the party was over” is representative of human beings immersed in a way of life that was only grandeur and spectacle, and nothing at all else. There was never ever any real significance or importance to the large house, the parties, cars and so forth. These were only applied to satisfy a require for splendor, to prove that human beings were only a few measures away from the best. Which is of course, a flawed strategy, as the ending of the book shows. The whole goal of the parties was to lure Daisy into going to Gatsby’s residence so she could fall in enjoy with her or he could “have her.” But she in no way does fall in love with Gatsby and he in no way “has her”. Daisy was just yet another goal to achieve for Gatsby, just a different extravagance to immerse himself in. The property then, like the pursuit of the perfect is flawed from the extremely start off. The home failed in acquiring Daisy, just like the pursuit of an best failed to elicit happiness. These failures each epitomize Fitzgerald’s sentence, “the final and greatest of all human dreams.” The pursuit of quintessence failed, it was the last and greatest of all human dreams just after Gatsby died because Gatsby himself epitomized what it meant to pursue the perfect. He transformed himself from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby, and he did it invest in utilizing human need to encounter wonder and splendor. Individuals have been intrigued by Gatsby, by his mysterious demeanor. There were a lot of questions surrounding Gatsby, about exactly where he actually came from and where he got his funds, but he made it operate. He represented results to the persons who attended his parties, because it was Gatsby who played host to the carousing and revelry that have been so pervasive…

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