Hazardous Encounter

It was a dreadful afternoon, massive droplets of rain fell straight on my face and clothing. I tasted the droplets that mixed with my tears, the tears I cried right after the incident. The pain in my foot was excruciating. It triggered me to make a large decision of irrespective of whether I ought to stop by you or not. I decided I would. I limped towards my bright, blue automobile exactly where my bony, body collapsed onto the seat. I started the engine up but at the same time getting cautious of my bleeding foot. I then drove to the destination exactly where I was bound to meet you. I was bound to meet you soon after 3 years of counselling from my last appearance with you. I guess all I can try to remember is the scarring….

I keep in mind….


When my friend introduced me to you. My mates were so obsessed and entangled by the wonders you did for them. If I can recall they said you took them to new places and down new paths. They talked about how you healed their sorrows and discomfort. I could not resist the temptation. Never after did I talk to my parents about my encounters which had been influenced by you. What a fool I was. You severely disheartened my life, turned me evil. All my ambitions that inspired me have been lost. You and your sharp eyes stabbed me suitable in the arm. It also stabbed the individuals I loved suitable in the arm also. Though, it was so astounding how dependent on you I was during my youth. These memories nevertheless sting like a violent slap across the face.

Now, facing you these days is such a challenging task to overcome….

I pulled into the driveway and staggered into the loud, massive and mysterious spot. I was surprised at how several people have been there. It could have been about twenty or so. I would not know since I am not hugely educated. My education actually collapsed following getting involved with you. I place all my interest and concentrate towards you. I cannot count the amount of times I missed class or skipped school. While pondering of this, a young girl came strolling over. She had dark, lengthy hair, brown eyes and a slim figure almost identical to my own look. She wore a white garment matched with pure, silk shoes. Her glamour attracted persons from all directions. She looked about twenty 5 years old….

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