Hitler’s Rise to Energy

Adolf hitler was born in brannau, austria on the 20th of april 1889. His parents belonged to the settled middle class and his father led a thrifty but effective life. At aged 18, hitler moved to vienna where he settled for five years. He described that period of time as the worst years of his life. As a struggling artist, he attempted to get entry into the vienna academy of fine arts but was refused admission.

It was in vienna that hitler was influenced by lanz von libenfels and created incredibly powerful nationalist and anti-semitic views. In may 1913, he left for munich. In the course of ww1 in august 1914, he enlisted in the army. he fought on the western front for 4yrs and was awarded the iron cross for bravery. he remained in the army and was provided the job of spying on newly creating political parties.

One such party was the german workers party founded by anton drexler in 1919. hitler was so impressed at the initially meeting by what he saw and heard that he decided to join the organisation. by 1920, he was leader of this celebration and changed the name to the national socialist workers celebration, usually recognized as the nazi celebration.

The nazis forme their own smaller army known as the SA(sturm abteilung). they have been very easily recognised by the brown coloured shirts they wore. the SA had been used to protect the nazis at any meetings or conferences that have been held. hitler created the swastika the emblem of this party. early recruits incorporated ernst rohm, rudolf hess, heinrich himmler and josef goebbels. With the weimar government facing economic and ploitical crisis in 1923, hitler decided to make a bid for energy. this came in the form a the munich putsch.

On 8th november 1923, nazi’s took over a beer hall in munich. a lot of people were killed. hitler was arrested two days later and was sentenced to 5yrs in landsberg castle. he only served 9months of this sentence. although in prison, hitler wrote his renowned book ‘mein kampf’- my struggle. this book was a extended boring insight into the mind of hitler and his anti-semitic views. Throughout his time in prison the nazi celebration had disintegrated , and its members had grow to be divided. hitler had to devote the subsequent 4yrs rebuilding the celebration and providing it a solid organisational base.

Hitler believed in a correct german race devoid of impurity which could be accomplished…

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