Human Actions in Romeo and Juliet

In the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, two teenagers are controlled by a chain of human actions. Act 4, scenes 1,3 and five, are a excellent representation of the internet of human actions that trigger tragedy involving the pair of “star crossed lovers” (prologue).

One particular instance of human actions being dominant in those unique scenes is Friar Lawrence. His actions, though getting in excellent intent, triggered a great deal of the pain for the other characters in the book. His very first action was to offer his help to the depressed Juliet, pondering that maybe he could “spy a type of hope” (Act 4, sc i, ll 68). His actions then led him to assume of the fake death which he tells to her. “Hold then, go household, be merry” (Act four, sc i, ll 89), he tells her, though he offers her the poison and plans to give Romeo a message describing the plan. He does not even so, make certain Romeo gets the message which is almost certainly the most vital human action in the play.

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