Human will vs. God’s will

The human will and the will of God are two prevalent themes within Zora Neale Hurston’s American masterpiece, Their Eyes Have been Watching God. Not only do each themes play integral parts in the tone and continuity of the novel, but they also play into each other important theme of the book. These other themes being: self-discovery, adore, independence, and nature’s power in one’s life. Both Janie’s private will, and the will of God in this story are applied to show the strengths and weakness of Janie as effectively the rest of the characters. The will of God is seen numerous times throughout the novel in order to test Janie and her will. God’s will is also seen directing other important and minor characters in the book. The wills of God and Janie are the guiding forces inside the story and skirmish with every single other all through to build the backbone of this novel.

For Janie, there is a terrific conflict of wills her personal and the will of God. On one particular side of her reasoning she feels the want to expertise true like but on the other side, is God pulling the strings in her life. Her Nanny will have absolutely nothing to do with the later and as a result pushes Janie in the direction of marriage, even if that indicates there is no enjoy. Janie wants love but is still unsure in her young womanhood if all it requires to it is a easy marriage to a man who will take care of her. This can be noticed when Janie asks herself, “Did marriage finish the cosmic loneliness of the unmated. Did marriage compel appreciate like the sun the day?” She quickly finds out that she ought to have listened to her instinct when she finds that being taken of is not that very same as correct enjoy. Marriage is not what Janie wants. She wants like. Her wish to get out of the marriage is clearly noticed in all the references to animals. She feels like a mule when she’s with Logan. She knows she has the spirit of a stallion inside her but she is actually surrounded by a gate and can only stare towards her not possible dreams of love down the road (25-27). Logan puts a tremendous quantity of stress on Janie with his demands as well as his verbal and physical abuse observed generally while she is his wife. In this time…

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