In what way does tradedy in “Macbeth” depend on the supernatural and spirit?

In the play “Macbeth”, there are many intriguing sections that concentrate on the suspense and the involvement of the supernatural. The use of the supernatural in the witches, Lady Macbeth, nature, the vision, the ghost and the apparitions are all essential components in creating “Macbeth” as a tragedy play. With the sense of the supernatural and interference of the spirits, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are led to hazardous tempting factors. Macbeth’s character becomes fully distinct from the brave soldier to the evil king and to his tragic death exactly where he discovers humility once more when it is too late. Lady Macbeth’s character also modifications from becoming a loving wife and masculine woman to madness lady. The use of supernatural also tends to make the play interesting to the audience. Examining particular scenes of the play, it is noticed that the supernatural is unquestionably a important element on the play’s style.

The use of supernatural occurs at the beginning of the play, with three witches predicting the fate of Macbeth. “When the battles lost and won”, it says Macbeth’s fate is that he will win the battle, but will drop his time of victory for the battle of his soul. The prophecies that revealed by the witches bring a broad temptation to Macbeth that had been in his secret all along for becoming a king, “My thought, whose murder however is but fantastical”. This shows that Macbeth ambition is present just before the prophecies. He would by no means have thought seriously about killing Duncan without the need of the witches. His temptation tends to make him performing whatever he can to gain power of the throne as prophesied by witches mainly because he thinks the only way to obtain the power of the throne is by killing Duncan, which is an easier strategy and the methods he tends to make to the throne show evilness that steadily improved in his actions by murder Duncan, Banquo and Macduff’s loved ones.

The presence of the witches also gives a enormous effect in producing the play more interesting. These witches have incredibly strange attributes old men and women in a group of three with dirty and broken cloths, bearded, and no eyes. These characteristics preserve the audience hooked to the play and the suspense increases with each and every scary sound that created by witches.

The supernatural element also taking location in Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy of calling upon evil spirits to give her power to plot the murder of Duncan devoid of any remorse or…

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