Throughout all of the stellar cosmos, there is only a single absolute (debatable): Infinity. Humans are leaves on a giant tree named ‘Life’. Exactly where humans bud in the spring, blossom throughout the summer time, then fade away and die throughout the autumn, the tree will final an eternity as a memento of the previous, a reminder of the present, and a constructive sign for the future.

Infinity does not notice the comings and goings of man. Wars will take location infinity will not give it a passing glance. Civilizations will rise and fall over the eons, infinity will all but ignore it. Earth will eventually be destroyed infinity will not even take note. But a single point is particular, forasmuch as infinity won’t believe twice about anything, nor will it overlook anything. Infinity remembers every thing. Infinity remembers precisely the quantity of leaves on just about every tree in the planet, year just after year. Infinity remembers the plea of a dying man in a war long forgotten by man. Infinity often remembers.

Infinity for humans can stretch from now until whenever, wherever or even whomever they want.

The only time infinity will cease to exist is when there is not a single sentient becoming to recognize it.

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