Japan: Social Customs

The information supplied, talks about family members traditions, marriage customs, and education in Japan. I consider the way marriages are setup in Japan are a lot unique than therefore of the United States. Family roles are also really different.

In Japan, it is widespread for newly wed couples to live by themselves till their parents get old. Numerous couples intend to reside with their parents only immediately after spending years all by themselves. Even so, if the husband is not in a position to help his parents, which indicates most of the time that he is not the 1st youngster of the parents, they do not plan to reside with them. With this tendency, the housing market is prosperous. Raise of the nuclear family is generating a fashion in housing, that is Nisetai-jutaku. The word actually signifies a “home for two generations”. An instance of this is: a two-storied home 1st-floor for older folks, second-floor for younger men and women, one particular kitchen, a single toilet, and occasionally one particular bathroom.

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