Luke 6:31 affect on my life

There have been numerous verses that I have read and stated, ”what a good verse!”, but practically nothing has ever impacted in my spiritual stroll in God like Luke six:31. The verse reads, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I had very first read this verse when I was 8 and had to memorize it for some contest, but I had a greater feeling for its intensity. There and then I felt that I had located the a single verse in my life that would impact me and challenge me to be a Christian, not some every Sunday church goer, but a individual that could live up to the name Christian, or becoming like Christ. Christ loved each and every one no matter who it is or where their backgrounds had been from. He treated people today like he wanted them to treat other people. I pondered more than the feeling of hate, love and instinct, mainly because they normally would be fighting inside my heart on which is right or which felt a lot easier to do. I would not want to treat people like dirt, because I wouldn’t like to be treated like that, and far more importantly, it throws crap on what Jesus had come to do a millennia ago. I couldn’t think in what modifications it brought to me when I applied this verse to my life. I began possessing far more pals, feeling happier, but most of all, I got closer to my lord.

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