Mackenzie King” The Greatest Prime Minister of Canada

The greatest Prime Minister of Canada was? Mackenzie King our 10thPrime Minister of Canada and by far one of our greatest. William Lyon Mackenzie King accomplished a lot in his twenty-0ne years of ministering our Nation Canada!

“It is what we prevent, rather than what we do that counts most in Government.” (Mackenzie King august 26, 1936) This statement sums up the best secrets of Mackenzie King’s good results as prime minister, and possibly, the crucial to governing Canada proficiently. King’s record of prime minister is in some cases difficult to judge. He had no uninteresting images, he gave no repetitive speeches, and he champions no drastic stage. He is remembered for his easygoing, passive compromise and conciliation (Gregory, web page 267). However Mackenzie King led Canada for a total of twenty-two years, by way of half the Depression and all of the Second World War. Like just about every other prime minister, he had to possess ambition, endurance and determination to become prime minister and, in spite if appearances, his accomplishments in that function expected political acuity, decisiveness and faultless judgment.

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