Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X grew up in distinct environments. King was raised in a comfy middle-class family exactly where education was stressed. On the other hand, Malcolm X came from and underprivileged household. He was a self-taught man who received little schooling and rose to greatness on his own intelligence and determination. Martin Luther King was born into a family whose name in Atlanta was properly established. Regardless of segregation, Martin Luther King’s parents ensured that their youngster was safe and content.

Malcolm X was born on Could 19, 1925 and was raised in a absolutely diverse atmosphere than King, an atmosphere of worry and anger exactly where the seeds of bitterness were planted. The burning of his property by the Ku Klux Klan resulted in the murder of his father. His mother later suffered a nervous breakdown and his family members was split up. He was haunted by this early nightmare for most of his life. From then on, he was driven by hatred and a wish for revenge.

The early backgrounds of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were largely responsible for the distinct different responses to American racism. Each men eventually became towering icons of modern African-American culture and had a excellent influence on black Americans. Even so, King had a much more constructive attitude than Malcolm X, believing that by way of peaceful demonstrations and arguments, blacks will be in a position to someday achieve full equality with whites. Malcolm X’s despair about life was reflected in his angry, pessimistic belief that equality is impossible due to the fact whites have no moral conscience. King essentially adopted on an integrationalist philosophy, whereby he felt that blacks and whites must be united and reside together in peace. Malcolm X, nevertheless, promoted nationalist and separatist doctrines. For most of his life, he believed that only by way of revolution and force could blacks attain their rightful location in society.

Both X and King spread their message via highly effective, tough-hitting speeches. Nonetheless, their intentions have been delivered in different styles and purposes. “King was fundamentally a peaceful leader who urged non-violence to his followers. He travelled about the country providing speeches that inspired black and white listeners to operate together for racial harmony.” (pg. 135, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Freedom Movement) Malcolm X, for the most aspect, believed that non-violence and integration was a trick by the whites to keep blacks in their areas. He was furious at white racism…

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