Mayan indians

The Maya Indians are Indians that Lived in components of present time Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

The Maya Indians had a complicated hieroglyphic alphabet and a complicated calendar program. Only the high priests and kings knew how to read it and create and read the complicated alphabet.

The Maya Indians did not live in teepees like you might feel they lived in houses sort of like ours but no nails or installation to preserve it warm. The Maya Indians exactly where fantastic builders they created massive buildings created out of stone some stones weighed more than two tons that is more than 4,000 pound.

When a kid was born in the Maya civilization it was a sign of great luck. Following it was born the priest was referred to as and the baby was provided a sacred name and then the priest predicts the future.

In marriages the lady was allowed to marry when she was 14-15 years old. The boy in the relationship had to be at least 18 years old like our country in marriages.

The Maya males and lady where very brief compared to us. The average woman was 4a€™ 8a€? really quick for our girls who reached an average of 5a€™ 4a€?. The men exactly where also short but not also quick. They reached5a€™ 8a€? only 2 inches shy of our guys who attain an average of 5a€™ 10a€?.

The Mayan disappeared close to the year 900 A.D. By 1450 most of the major cities exactly where abandoned. No one knows for sure but there are theories that the men would go to war and the family members would hide in a near by countryside and take cover. The tribe produced their culture so advanced and just abandoned it for war. So why would a culture ruin their life style to fight but that is just a theory we may perhaps in no way know.

The fashionable point to do in the Mayan civilization was obtaining tattoos and wearing tons of jewelry was deemed hip. Also they thought that filling your teeth to a sharp point and getting your eyes crossed was eye-catching.

Priests had three main forms of calendars. The very first was a civil calendar this was based on the solar cycle of the sun. The year lasted 365 days there was no leap year even though so they where a day off just about every 7 years. The lengthy court had a particular program that kept track of lengthy spans of time…

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