Memoir of My Dying Soul

The warm sensation rushed from my physique as my cover was ripped away from my skin. The flourish of the music pouring from the radio combined with the chants fleeing from my mother’s mouth swelled in my ears, sending that aggravating signal to the brain that it was time to wake up. My body managed to turn regardless of the full lack of motion. I reached for the location that my cover had resided, obtaining nothing but my left leg. Screams of my name swept by means of my head, consuming the islands of sleep with tides of light that erupted from the outdoors globe.

As I rejoined the world of the living, I located myself in landscape of ruins in my own space and my personal home, and I did not c are. I looked up to my clock lingering above my head. The glowing, red 7:20 stared at me, giving me that look of disappointment that I had develop into so accustomed to. Obscenities fled from my mouth as I unwrapped myself from my covers, tripping over my table that held a plate of now-cold eggs and room temperature milk that my mom had apparently gotten up early to prepare for me. I attempted to stay away from knocking more than the glass, but it had currently occurred. The cup lay on its side, as a waterfall of white fluid rushed over the edge of the table. I neglected the mess, intending to clean it up later.

I found myself drowning in the exact same dreary routine as I stumbled to my closet, stripping a shirt from its hanger. Operating to the bathroom, I swept up a pair of pants that I had worn the preceding day. I dressed myself, gave my teeth a rapid swipe with my toothbrush, and ran some water by way of my hair, drenching my shirt with the excess. I flipped the light switch and ran up the stairs two at a time, tripping over the shoestrings that dangled beneath my pants.

I conquered the stairs and ran to the kitchen, specifically the refrigerator. I went for the door, noticing a piece of paper attached with the incessantly annoying smiley face magnet.

Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. I’ll see you when you get residence from college. Have a good day. I enjoy you, Mom.

I continued to open the door and grabbed the milk jug. I went to the cabinet, pulled a cup from the shelf, and poured…

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