Meno – Virtue

“If that location is such that when 1 has applied it as a rectangle to the provided straight line in the circle it is deficient by a figure related to the incredibly figure which is applied, then I assume 1 alternative benefits, whereas a further results if it is impossible for this to happen.”

Although today’s society includes considerably technology and new points are supposedly being discovered every day, a lot of age old concerns nonetheless remain unanswered inquiries such as: “Can virtue be taught?” This question is examined in detail throughout Plato’s Meno, and while the play leaves the query as to what virtue is unanswered, Socrates attempts an answer to Meno’s query. Despite the fact that he is not particularly keen on answering no matter if virtue can be taught without initially possessing a complete understanding of what virtue is, he attempts to please Meno by solving this in the way that geometers conduct their investigations, by way of a hypothesis. Socrates states that if indeed virtue can be taught then a single issue will take place, and if it can’t a diverse issue will happen. In the finish of the play, the conclusion is reached that virtue is a gift from the gods. Now the question ought to be asked: how was this conclusion reached in connection to Socrates’ previous hypothesis?

It is thought by Meno that males cannot be taught something but expertise, hence, virtue ought to be a kind of expertise in order to be taught. This corresponds with the hypothesis for the reason that the conclusion can be reached that, if virtue is know-how then it can be taught, but if it is not know-how then it is not possible to teach. Nonetheless, this leads to a new question that will have to be answered ahead of a conclusion can be reached: is virtue understanding? It is later stated that, if knowledge consists of all aspects of reality, virtue would then be expertise. On the other hand, if virtue is very good, and there is anything fantastic that is not encompassed in expertise, then virtue could not be know-how. In order to choose if virtue is information, this instance is given: the very good are not so by nature, and they thus must have been taught to be so, and considering that virtue is a thing fantastic, there is the possibility that it can also be taught. The challenge with this is the fact that the possibility remains that folks who are virtuous are so by nature, and if virtue was is…

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