Physics Investigation Assignment – Solonoids

Summary of Investigation
An investigation was carried out to obtain out the connection in between the force produced in a wire (or solenoid) when present flowed through it and the force from gravity. This was investigated by connecting a solenoid up to a variable power pack and then putting a light ring of either copper or aluminum about the solenoid. When the current flows via the solenoid, a magnetic force made from the solenoid need to make the ring ‘jump’ up or levitate. When carrying out the experiment, the assumption was made that there will be some movement from the ring when current begins flowing via the solenoid and as a result a magnetic field will be present. Nevertheless, the benefits of the experiment did not back up this assumption in any way. No magnetic force was observed in any of the experiments carried out.

Electromagnetism is the study of the relationships in between magnetism, and electrical energy. It was found by Hans Oersted, that when an electric current flows in a wire, the present creates a magnetic force about this wire. It is also identified that a solenoid produces a significantly massive amount of magnetic force when a current flows via it (diagram 1.1 ). By applying a solenoid and some compact, light rings of copper and aluminum, it is said that the ring when placed over the solenoid when present is flowing will ‘jump’ up and from time to time levitate if the force of the magnetic field equals that of the earth’s gravitational force.

The most important objective of this experiment is to investigate the partnership between gravitational energy and electric and magnetic power. This will be accomplished by attempting to suspend a light ring of copper and/or aluminum about a solenoid with a existing passing by way of it. The only presumption is that if the ring is unable to be levitated (due to lack of energy), there will nonetheless be movement and the ring will jump up from the base of the solenoid.

The circuit utilised first (see diagram 2.1) was produced up of a tiny solenoid. The solenoid was constructed applying a modest pencil, bound with electrical tape and copper wire wound around it to a length of 13cm. Zinc plated washers were first applied in the circuit applying a DC voltage. For the reason that DC voltage was getting employed, the ring was expected to ‘jump’ only when the circuit was switched on and off.

All voltages on the energy supply have been…

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