Preface to Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth

Preface to Lyrical Ballads is written to express the new style, which is applied by many poets, such as Wordsworth. This style will be known as the romantic style immediately after centuries. Wordsworth explains “what is poetry? What type of language need to be utilised in it? What kind of setting? And who is a poet?”. I agree with him in some points of his argument, and I will discuss 1 point of his embodying analyses which will decide my status of approval or disapproval with his argument.

Since Wordsworth emphasises that language applied in poetry should be basic, I will go over his point additional with my own opinion on the subject. I agree with Wordsworth that language should really be basic, considering the fact that he wants it to be for all men and women. However, applying such a very simple language can make poetry extremely ordinary and not distinguished from other forms of writings. Not to mention that we broad our vocabulary by reading it is as though he is depriving the reader of gaining much more information.

Wordsworth emphasises that language, made use of in poetry, should really be rustic and applied by typical individuals. He thinks that their language comes straight from their hearts covered with no deceit or hypocrisy. Rustic language of those sojurners ,who live at the rural side of the country, have no vanity. Simple language can be philosophical, considering that it is carried from individual practical experience and inner feelings: “for the reason that in that condition of life our elementary feelings co-exist in a state of greater simplicity, and, consequently, may possibly be a lot more accurately contemplated and a lot more forcibly communicated…” .

In conclusion, Wordsworth’s statement of what language a poet need to use is a pretty superior convincing case. I do agree with him, nonetheless, I behold some of my agreement for the reasons I stated earlier.

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