PSU soccer Field

PSU Soccer Field:
So generally we do not take the time to explore the lots of great and exceptional locations ideal right here in out personal back yard referred to as Portland. If we did and let our senses take more than not only would we come across the practical experience fun, but we’ll also come across the beauty and peace our city as to offer you.
As I stroll up to the location of Portland State University soccer field, I’m conscious of the sound of automobiles creating their way by way of site visitors. Tires on pavement, engines running, brakes squeaking, and horns honking. When I ultimately reach my location, I hear the laughter of kids playing, and buddies talking. Individuals of all kinds are engaged in activities, some organized, some not. On the field clusters of individuals are standing about waiting for a game to start. Some youngsters are in a circle just kicking the ball back and forth. Other people are stretching and I spy on the coach on the sidelines standing there mentally preparing himself for a game. I appear around and sense a spent of joy and enjoyable is in the air. To be out in such a attractive day in Portland.
Birds are chirping and I can see a slight sway of trees as a light breeze goes by. This is beauty at its finest. Gazing up all I see around me are magnificent multi million dollar properties scattered all more than the hilltops of Portland. Sort of like they are keeping a continual watch over the city. The various shades of green all meet collectively covering the hills with an abundance of trees and bushes. All around flowers are beginning their lives, blooming in all colors. As I go and take all this in, the sun beating down on me is absently try to play with a blade of grass forgetting for a moment that I’m sitting on astro turf. The fake grass seems out of place here when all about me nature is at its finest. Still it doesn’t take away from the beauty I have discovered here at the spot.
Breathing deep the smell surprises me. The air smells so fresh. It’s the sort of air that when mixed with sun makes everything feels clean, and renewed. Closing my eyes I clear my thoughts and let my sense take more than to remind me of all I have taken in this day. A sense of peace comes over me. I am…

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