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It is impossible to rigorously prove or substantiate the existence of a Soul, a psyche.

Many explanations have been hitherto supplied:

  • That what we, humans, get in touch with a soul is the way that we knowledge the workings of our brain (introspection experienced). This normally
  • leads to infinite regressions.
  • That the soul is an epiphenomenon, the software program outcome of a hardware complexity (significantly the identical way as temperature, volume and
  • pressure are the epiphenomena of a substantial number of gas molecules).
  • That the soul does exist and that it is distinct from the physique in substance (or lack of it), in kind (or lack of it) and in the set of laws
  • that it obeys (“spiritual” rather than physical). The supporters of this camp say that correlation is not causation.

In other words, the electrochemical activity in the brain, which corresponds to mental phenomena does not imply that it IS the mental phenomena. Mental phenomena do have brain (hardware) correlates – but these correlates require not be confused with the mental phenomena themselves.

Nevertheless, pretty couple of will dispute the strong connection involving body and soul. The psychic activity was attributed to the heart, the liver, even to some glands. Today it is attributed to the brain, apparently with far better reasons.

Since the physique is a physical object, subject to physical laws, it follows that at least the connection among the two (body and soul) have to obey the laws of physics.

Yet another question is what is the currency made use of by the two in their communication. Physical forces are mediated by subatomic particles. What serves to mediate in between body and soul ?

Language could be the medium and the mediating currency. It has both an internal, psychic representation and an objective, external one. It serves as a bridge in between our inner feelings and cognition and the outdoors, physical planet. It originates nearly non-physically (a mere believed) and has profound physical impacts and effects. It has quantum elements combined with classical determinism.

We propose that what we get in touch with the Subconscious and the Pre-Conscious (Threshold of Consciousness) are but Fields of Potentials organized in Lattices.

Potentials of what?

To represent realities (internal and external alike), we use language. Language appears to be the only point in a position to consistently hyperlink our internal world with our physical surroundings. As a result, the potentials ought to be Lingual Energy Potentials.

When a single of the…

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