Quote, “Darkness is unleashed at diffrent occasions”

An unknown poet, as soon as mentioned “We all have darkness inside of us that is unleashed at distinct times,” which is a quote about life. In the novel A Separate Peace by Robert Knowles, darkness came out in jealousy and anger. Brinker, Gene, and Quakenbush, all have darkness’s that is expressed in the novel.

Brinker is a popular politician at Devon and is jealous of the friendship between Finny and Gene. He asks several questions and tends to make assumptions about Finney’s fall to hurt Gene. Brinker kept asking Gene if he picked Finny as a roommate due to the fact “he wouldn’t be back this fall, so [Gene] would get the area for [himself]…. it was fixed,” he declared. (P.79-80) These insults and theories hurt Gene and made him ask himself about the tragedy. Brinker was not only jealous of Gene’s friendship but also that he had a room for himself. When Finny comes back to Devon, Brinker revives his darkness. When Genes and Finny relationship gets much better then ever, Brinker holds a trail. The trail is held due to Brinkers beliefs of how “Gene purposely pushed Finny out of the tree” and ruined his athletic life.” (P.) In the novel, Brinkers jealously permits his destitution to divulge.

Gene also liberates his darkness in A Separate Peace. He believed Finny was trying to ruin him, by distracting him from his studies. “Finny had deliberately set out to wreck [his] studies” which explained Blitzball and the nightly meeting of Super Suicide Society. (P.45) Gene states many times that he tries to be better then Finny. This is factual since his resentment begins to illustrate by way of his other emotions. At Devon, Gene was just a admirer and follower of Finny, the massive athlete. Lastly, at worst, Gene unleashes his darkness causing Finny to fall from the tree. His jealousy and anger construct up inside of him until he can no longer seize it. Gene took a step forward “bent [his] knees and jounced the limb” which Finny was standing on. When Finny falls. Gene jumps from refinement to evil. Genes vice was triggered when he becomes jealous of Finny, the pretty much best athlete. He then tends to make up lies attempting to convince himself that Finny is wrong till he emotionally breaks down, causing himself to inform Finny the truth of the tree incident.

Quakenbush is head of the crew group at Devon who is constantly teased and harassed by…

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