snapple case

This is a case in which a succesful comapny snapple was acquired by quaker and how it came to losses.

Important Difficulties:
The big difficulties in the case can be summarized as follows:
1. Why the Quaker takeover of Snapple failed? Where did they go incorrect?
two. What ought to Triarc Beverage Group do now?
To comprehend and analyze the difficulties in the case it is essential that we comprehend the causes that produced
Snapple a prosperous brand at a time when lots of other folks failed. For this we need to have to study the traits and
strengths of Snapple as a brand and the firm as a complete. This will lead to the discovery of motives as to the
failure of Quaker Inc in developing the Snapple company and also what Triarc should do so as to regain the
supremacy of the brand.
Analysis for resolving the problems:
?§It took 15 years to becom e an overnight success.?? W hat m ade Snapple a success w hile m any other prem ium
fruit drinks stayed little or disappeared?
Snapple was a little corporation whose origins were based on authenticity and trust in consumers eyes. This was
evident in the initial m antra of the com pany ?§100% N atural?? even before the com pany becam e Snapple
(Unadulterated Food Solutions, 1972). Snapple became effective by launching revolutionary items, primarily based on
fruit juices and teas, into the beverage industry. Initially, Snapple beverages had been sold to overall health-meals retailers and
Snapple became prosperous by launching innovative solutions, based on fruit juices and teas, into the beverage
market place.
The causes for the achievement of Snapple can be attributed to the following brand qualities and marketing and advertising
methods adopted by the company:
„X Aggressive distribution and client loyalty method, bolstered by a health and fitness craze prevalent
at the time.
„X Entered the developing iced tea industry the at the right time w ith a brew ed, higher top quality, ?§new age??
Ready-to-Drink (RTD) tea, which was a pivotal early move.
„X The business had an image of fun and irreverence that was supported by means of the marketing campaign
of one hundred% all-natural ?V no matter how the results were.
„X Snapple rolled out an advertising cam paign centered on a ?§custom er relations, frequent people?? them e.
Wendy Kaufm an, becam e the ?§face?? of Snapple on Tv and her penchant for answering fan mail on air
helped construct the com pany?¦s ?§quirky?? positioning. This helped them ??connect?¦ with the public in general.
For example Snapple relied on their most zealous customers for product and packaging suggestions.
„X Snapple had an extensive…

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