Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath was a outstanding twentieth century American poet. Her poetry focused on depression, aspects on suicide, death, savage imagery, self-destruction and painful feelings of females. Plath attempts to exorcise the oppressive male figures that haunted her life served as a single of the fundamental themes in her poetry.

Her poetry is a excellent instance on how “suffering and transformation could be inside traditional poetic contexts” (Initiation p.142). She also believed that a poem “must give an expression to the poet’s personal anguish mainly because suffering has turn into the central fact of historical and private existence” (Initiation p.143). This is what she believed and how she dealt with her troubles by expressing her feelings by way of poetry. Although what was expressed in her poems also portrayed her fate in suicide.

Sylvia Plath was born on October 27, 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts to Otto and Aurelia Plath. Her father, Otto Plath was a German biology professor at Boston University. Her mother, Aurelia, was a higher school English teacher, until she married and became a homemaker. When Sylvia was only eight, her father died from complications of undiagnosed diabetes, which also scarred her for life. At this very same age she began her profession as writer she published her first couplet in the Boston Sunday Herald, and due to the fact then has persistently worked on poetry and her writings.

In higher school, she was a remarkably intelligent, preferred, student. She was the common “Straight A’s” girl. As a member of the National Honors Society, she received a scholarship to attend Smith College in 1950. While studying creative writing and graphic arts in her third year of college, she was a guest editor in Mademoiselle Magazine. Shortly right after that, on August 24, 1953, simply because of extreme depression, she attempted to commit suicide for the first time by taking a huge dose of sleeping tablets. She was later treated with intense psychotherapy and electroshock therapy in a private hospital. After a lengthy recovery, she returned to Smith College and graduated in 1954. This incident is effectively described in the Bell Jar, her second published novel.

By now her career as a poet and writer was not going well, following forty-five rejections from newspapers and magazines, Seventeen magazine agreed to have 1 of her stories to be published. Later, it was announced that she had received third location in Seventeen Magazine’s writing contest. Lots of additional of her performs were beening published is other periodicals…

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