The Dirty Small Secret Behind Feminism

Do you remember “Jenny” from the movie Forest Gump?

I thought she was one particular of the most complex but tortured characters I’ve ever observed on screen. And each time I watch this film I’m reminded of some of ladies I’ve recognized who are equally tortured.

Jenny if you try to remember came from the modest backwater town of Greenbow Alabama where she was sexually abused as a youngster by her impoverished alcoholic share cropper father. Jenny’s only objective in her young life was shown to us on her tiny knees in a cornfield as she desperately prayed..

“Dear God.. Please turn me into a bird so I can fly far far away…”

“Dear God.. Please turn me into a bird so I can fly far far away…”

And she did fly away.. In much more techniques then you could possibly visualize..

Mainly because Jenny flew straight into the arms of insanity..

And it killed her in the finish..

The tragedy of Jenny is that she had a serious identity crisis with who she was. Her emotions carried a lethal brew of deep sexual shame, rage and depression that actually caused her to go out and to seek the very same variety of physical and sexual abuse that she grew up with..

As twisted as this could sound to you or I there is a strange logic to it. You see sexually abused girls often try to re-make the sexual abuse in an try to “gain control” more than it.

It is type of like playing a extremely tough but incredibly addictive Video Game which keeps on kicking your butt but you are determined to “win” at it.. Even even though the endless levels in this game make this objective fully impossible.

So she finds herself on a self-destructive treadmill of whoring and rage where on one particular hand she has a continuous impulse to demonstrate how “Sexually Powerful” she is.. but in addition to this she also has an uncontrollable urge to act out her deepest anger against any Man inside her reach.

So instead of attempting to destroy space aliens with a joy stick clutched in her hand in the living room.

She try’s to destroy a man with his joy stick clutched in her hand in the bedroom..

And then she will often blame the man internally for trying to come on to her or even to rape her.

Due to the fact that’s what all sex feels like to her.

Now a further Essential point you want to understand about Sexually abused females is this.

They often…

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