The Future of Intelligence

An argument involving two scientists ,one of them wanting to alter ageing in humans ,and creating life into a controlled atmosphere:

A* well, that was in 2000 wasn’t it? But they could not see this happening …it was debated, but legalized in 2004. But this is outrageous.

C* I haven’t slept for the final 89 hours…and I do not really feel numb…

A* But how long will it go on ? Will there be any much more youngsters ? Would any one particular want them? Will it end? People today may perhaps reside but will the earth reside as long as them….?

C* That is true…the persons will reside as extended as they want. They will die only when they want to ,by damaging their personal organs and not replacing or implanting newly produced ones into themselves . Kids will come only when any person wants them. The concept of marriage will be lost as any person will be in a position to generate for himself , what I would call a ‘sex object’ which could be a individual of desired traits based on the wish of the user. the user will then be capable to system his personal psyche to create varied sexual interest just after introspective moments where he studies his requirements and selects his mood. He will be able to accelerate the growth of this object to feed his hunger

If he does alter this desire , his earlier sexual interests will be wiped out of his memory ,hence rejuvenating him and urging him to carry on . this would trigger a huge portion of folks to grow to be anti-social and they will draw into reticence . But then , they will be those who will plan their minds to make them want to convince people today that they ought to reside in harmony and coexist together. They will kind societies preaching the lack of communication amongst each other. These societies will have leaders who will play the very same function that the pope did in 2000 ,when dolly was cloned . Therefore, at the organisational level , life on eath will be identical as what it was in 2000 ,or for that matter in any age you want to contemplate .

A* But then , what explanation will people today have to live ? What objective will they define ?

C* You can not picture this society with identical intent as that which was there in earlier years. People today will bear reasonably similar feeling but will have different…

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