The Invasion of Normandy

The battle plan, code-named Operation Overlord, named for the biggest amphibious assault ever to commence the liberation of occupied Europe from Nazi Germany. It began in the early morning hours of June six, 1944, now recognized as D-Day. Thousands of American, British, Canadian, and French soldiers-backed by paratroopers, bombers, and warships-stormed a 50-mile stretch of French beach named Normandy.

This “invasion of Normandy” was the greatest occasion to happen among the years of 1919 and 1945. D-day was the starting of the finish of the war. The invasion of Normandy allowed the Allied forces to get their soldiers back on the European mainland and to commence defeating German opposition and Nazi tyranny. It was the important turning point of Planet War II and maybe one particular of the greatest strategic military operations that ever executed.

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